Hunt by Rachel Vincent



I have always been a fan of this series! Rachel Vincent is a breath of fresh air and her stories are magnificent! “Hunt” is everything a short storty should be and more! Action, adventure, strong back story, and a tough female protagonist. 

Abby Wade has been through a lot in the last four years, since we’ve last seen her in Stray. She is out camping with her fellow collegians when shit hits the fan, and she is tossed back to her troubled past. She races against the clock to stop her friends from meeting the same fate as she did so many years before. With the help of her new, not to mention sexy, alpha Jace, she has to hurry to figure out what’s going on in the woods and how to get get over her fears! I recommend this book to all paranormal romance readers!! It is an exellent read and kept me interested and on the edge of my seat until the end! ~5 stars~

Update: In the back of “Hunt” us readers discovered a new and exciting announcement!! Mrs. Vincent will be writing a New Adult Romance Series, a spin-off of the ever popular “Shifters” series!!! 

(hold for applause) 

That’s right ladies and gentleman a New Adult Romance series called Wildcats! It takes place in the Shifters world and our old friends will be there as well. This novel revolves around the two main characters Abby Wade (Faythe’s cousin from “Stray”) and Jace ( from Shifters series, who is now an Alpha). Abby is off at college and lives on Jace’s territory. The first chapter of the new Wildats Novel “Lion’s Share” is in the back of “Hunt”. So if you haven’t ran out to purchase it yet jump on the band wagon and get to it people!! Also, for those of you who have read “Hunt” in the Chick Kick Butt anthology, it has been changed up a little and there is more to the story (about 2000 words). So read it already and get ready for the excitment!

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