Review: Forbidden by Selene Charles

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I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Lop or Lovers of Paranormal.

Forbidden was excellent! Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. I mean it’s 4 a.m. and I am currently mind blown writing this review.  Selene Charles is such a great writer and she keeps you interested from page 1. I think it’s such an interesting twist to have the back story be about a circus, I have never seen that before. And that is just one of many differences between this book and others of this genre. The whole story was different from anything I have ever read, in a good way!

Flint is used to moving around alot. After settling into their new town, Flint and her father arrive at Carnevale Diabolique. As an excarnie Flint’s dad needs a job, and what better way then to rejoin a circus. But this place is different from any circus Flint has have seen. While wondering around Flint sees Cain, the pain-in-the-ass-bad-boy from school. He has a hot temper and is quick to let Flint know what he thinks of her. But the more he pushes her away, the more Flint feels attracted to him.

As the weeks go by Flint starts to see that all isn’t as it seems at Carnevale Dibolique, or even in her new little town. For there are monsters among them and they are out to get Flint.

With the help of Cain, his sweet brother Abel, Rhi, and Janet Flint must figure out who and what is stalking her. As Flint and Cain get closer, and he finally reveals his secrets, Flint realizes she may be in over her head.

Can Cain protect her from the monsters seeking her out? Or will his own monster inside get the better of him?

Flint was a great protagonist. She was strong, resourceful, witty, and so funny! The interaction between her and Cain was so believable. I felt at times like I wanted to jump in the book and smack Cain, but as they got closer, I found him indearing. I can NOT wait to see what happens! That was certhinly one HELL of a cliff hanger!

I recommend this book to all lovers of Paranormal and YA books!

~ 5 Stars ~


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